Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sega Genesis Codes (P- thru -S)

p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p

pac man 2
all codes are for the pacman and pacman jr. sub games.
ff0035:0001 fast play
ff004f:00fe weird , invincible against inky
ff0065:0001 inky is inneffective
ff0095:0001 Clyde is VERY slow
ff00D6:0001 blinky is VERY slow
ff0055:0001 Inky is very slow
passwords: PCMNORG,,,,, PCJRDPW

ff0103:0010 final level {ff0102 oo10}
ff02ab:0001 only 1 ghost instead of 4 {ff02aa ooo1}
ff02cc:00ff ghosts always remain Blue

fff4da:0010 invincible {fff4DB oo10}
the code works better on cartridge.

pinball---dino land
fff5a2:0006 infinite lives {fff5A3 ooo6}

ff8438:0006 final level {ff8439 ooo6}

pink panther hollywood
ffc0c3:0008 energy {ffC0C2 ooo8}
FFBFCA:0008 lives
ffc05f:0001 stop signs
ffc05e:0001 drills

pirates of dark water
ffocd6:0080 coins
ff0CDA:0003 bronze door keys
FF0CDE:0005 vitality enhancer
ff0CE0:0007 gravity potion
FF0EF7:0008 LIVES {FF0EF6 ooo9}
FF0F66:0030 ENERGY {FF0F67 oo30}
FFOCDC:0001 some food

ff347D:0004 select your level ! at title screen, put curser
on start, then toggle up and down to see the
levels. curser must be on start. after you choose
level, press A, do not press start.{ff347c 0004}
ff3ec4:0008 Lives {ff3ec5 ooo9}
ff3ec7:0008 weapons {ff3ec6 ooo9}
ff34BB:001e ENERGY {ff34ba oo1e}
ff3ecc:0010 INVINCIBLE {ff3ecd oo10}
{ff5879 ooff
simply press down at title screen to play Pitfall I...
cartidge users only}

pro Quarterback football
ff0b42:0003 4th quarter

ff0452:0039 weird, see the ending. {FF0453 oo39}
ff0728:00fe puggsy always blinks {ff0729 oofe}
ff0794:0005 invincible against end bosses {ff0795 ooo5}
(I haven't gotten that far on the GENS version
ff0721:0010 strange multi-jumps. quite useful! {FF0720 oo10}
use when needed......
FF0724:0000 INVINCIBLE, ENEMIES JUST STUN YOU. {ff0725 oooo}


quad challange
ff0316:0000 computer has NO time
ff0317:0033 time {cartridge FF0316 oo33}
ff0338:0000 NEVER CRASH {ff0339 oooo}
passwords: EC6T,M4SR,DTXG,9F2J,13RB,PNF5,CR11,5JE8,


radical rex
ffd3ee:0000 walk on lava, just 4 fun {ffd3EF oooo}
fffa35:0005 {sorry, cartridge only. press"B" on controller 2 for
next level}
fffAFC:0008 lives {fffAFD ooo7}
FFFB1C:00FF INVINCIBLE {fffb1d ooff}

Rambo 3
ffc100:0006 final level {ffC101 ooo6}
ffc102:0004 lives
ffD02C:00FF INVINCIBLE {ffD02D ooff}

ranger X (also called Ex-Ranza)
fff094:000A advance levels, press pause, then simultaneously press
Left and "B". {fff095 oooa}
ffD722:0020 ENERGY {ffD723 oo20}

Rastan saga
ff0ABF:000f weird,,,,bright white invincible. the code works
perfectly on cartridge though.
FF0AC0:000A energy
ff0ac2:0007 lives

RBI baseball 3
ff08af:0003 ball count 3
ff0a19:00c0 NO second baseman {ff0a18 00c0}
ff0ef5:0007 seventh inning
ff4c02:0000 strikes
ff4c0c:0000 YOU always bat, both halves of innings
ff09f6:00c0 NO 1st baseman
ff0a3a:00c0 remove the 3rd baseman {ff0a39 00c0}
ff0a61:00ff remove the shortstop {ff0a60 00ff}
ff0a7e:00d0 no left feilder {ff0a7d 00d0}
ff0aa0:00d0 no centerfielder {ffoa9f 00d0}
hey, don't get greedy, just pick 1 code. okay? ha ha.

RBI 93
ff0efd:0005 no 1st baseman
ff0f24:00ee no 2nd baseman
ff0f4c:00ff no 3rd baseman
ff0f74:00ee no shortstop {ff0f75 00ff}
ff0f9c:00ee no leftfielder {ff0f9d ooee}
ff0fc4:00ee no centerfielder {ff0fc5 00ee}

baseball RBI 94
ffd32c:0003 always 4th batter
ffd375:0000 strikes {ffd377 oooo}
ffd377:0000 weird--infinite outs

revenge of shinobi
ffc002:0002 multi-jumps {ffc003 ooo2} Note: turn this code off
whenever you want to flip
ffE146:0001 INVINCIBLE
ffff20:000c level 5
ffff20:0017 final boss {ffff21 oo17}
ffe13a:0008 Energy

Risky woods
ff1119:0035 +
ff1145:0010 +
ff11A5:0030 invincible

ffc036:0010 INVINCIBILITY {ffc035 ooo1}
password: ILOVEU

Road Rash
ff1f19:00ff TRUE invincibility !! {FF1f18 ooff}

Road Rash 2
ff0AD2:00ff invincible--never crash {FF0AD3 ooff}
FF06C3:00FF invincible--type 2,, Try 'em both!!! {ff06c4 ooff}
ff0acc:0007 Weapon {ff0ACD ooo7}

Road Rash 3
ff0A22:00FF invincible. don't crash {ff0A23 ooff}
ff7532:000a start in Japan
ff7532:000c start in australia {ff7533 oooc}

The game is less annoying when choosing NO Music mode,
on all road rash games!

roadrunner and wile e. coyote in Desert demolition
ff0016:0006 lives {ff0017 ooo7}
ff0017:0020 energy {ff0016 oo20}
ff001A:0008 INVINCIBLE
ff0018:0002 lightning power
ffBD83:0002 infinite time
ffBD84:0002 quick level advance. turn off when you reach desired
ffea67:0002 +
ffEA77:0000 1st 2 boxes in level 1-2 have parachute and flying
power {ffEA68 ooo2 FFEA78 oooo}

robocop Vs. terminator
ff00A3:0009 lives {ff009c ooo9}
fff0f7:00ff Energy{fff0f0:00ff}

rocket knight adventures
ffC015:0090 weird, mega jump {ffc014 oo90}
ffc040:003f Energy {ffc041 oo3f}
ffC068:0010 Invincible {ffc069 0010}
fffb0C:0005 lives {fffb0D ooo5}
fffb12:0005 level 2 {fffb13 ooo5}
fffb12:000d/ 28/ 17/ 19/ 20/ 31/ 32 levels 3 thru 7, + ending

rock N Roll racing
ffb965:0090 ability to advance levels {ffb964 oo90}
ffc203:0000 Purple car is TOTALLY inactive {ffc205 oooo}
ffC206:0000 Pink car is Totally inactive ! {ffc206 oooo}
ffC207:0000 Silver car is TOTALLY inactive {ffc207 oooo}
ffD0C6:0004 start with 3rd vehicle.

rolling thunder 2
FFCD32:0001 Energy
ffCD72:0001 Energy, player 2
fff204:0010 machine gun {fff205 oo10}
fff242:0010 machine gun, player 2 {fff243 oo10}
fff20C:0009 lives {fff20D ooo9}
fff24C:0009 lives, player 2 {fff24D ooo9}
{ff0173 ooo1 invincible, cartridge only}

rolling thunder 3
ff00DE:0040 bullets {ff00DF oo40}
ff00F6:0040 grenades {FF00F7 oo40}
FF00FE:00FF almost infinite lives {ff00FF ooFF}
FF0172:0001 INVINCIBLE {cartridge ff0173 ooo1}

rolo to the rescue
ffC5CC:00FF invincible {ffc5cd ooff}
ffC50A:0FFF invincible, type 2 {ffC50B offf}
{FFC5cc ooFF cartridge users only, all levels open and accessable}.

s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

ff0832:0003 LEVEL SELECT MENU !! press up or down {ff0833 ooo3}
ff0876:0006 invincible {ff0877 ooo6}
ff0872:0002 double fire power
ff0878:0005 rapide fire
ff0876:0001 dave's pick

saint sword
FF02D7:0005 the ability to mutate into all special charactors.
FF0433:0010 time
FF0486:FFFe invincible after the 1st hit {ff0487 offf}

shadow dancer--secret of shinobi
ff0CC8:0004 level 5 {ff0cc9 ooo4}
ff0CCA:0003 room 4, in level 5
ff13df:0009 lives (useless though)
ff0f04:0020 time
ff13de:0000 strange, all hostages rescues {ff13df oooo}
ff13BC:0001 extra firepower {ff1377 oo10}
note:toggle switch when needed.
ff1376:0015 jump higher, just 4 fun. {ff1377 oo10}
note: this game is still VERY hard ! even with the codes.

shadow of the beast 2
ff2238:0080 energy {ff2239 oo80}
ff2238:0000 he appears to be invincible. wow.

shinobi 3--return of the ninja master
ff37e1:0007 lives
ff37e2:0032 weapon shots
ff37e7:0001 magic
ff37e8:0010 ENERGY
ff4164:0002 Invincible {ff4165 ooo2}
ff37A7:0004 stage 5 {FF37A6 oooX}

shooter--air busters
ffc015:0001 invincible. turn code on when you are blinking.
at the very beginning of the round.
{ffc014 ooo1}
{ffc001 ooo6 invincible, type 2. for cartridge users only.}
ooo7 and this is even better. cartridge only.
ffE0E2:0006 start on stage 6. you must turn code on at the press
start screeen. NO later than that.

ff1802:0000 invincible {ff1803 oooo}
ffc066:0006 final level {ffc067 ooo6}

shooter-- bio-hazard duo
ffa60C:00F2 invincible {ffA60d oof2}
fff227:00FF LEVEL SELECT MENU ! {fff226 ooff}
fff25b:0004 +
fff25d:0004 infinite lives {fff25c ooo4-fff25e ooo4}

ff041A:0240 invincible. don't press "B" button

shooter-fire shark
ff041c:0080 invincible
ff0424:0008 start with laser

shooter-forgotten worlds
ff10f7:00ff invincible
ff1109:0030 +
ff1a47:0030 health

ffffe5:0002 level select menu !!! {ffffe4 ooo2}
fff509:0002 invincible
fff59A:00A0 VERY invincible !!! {fff59B ooao}

shootr grindstormer
ff0040:0000 invincible {ff0041 oooo}
note: you must press the "B" button in game to activate cheat.

ff003e:0005 stage 6 {ff003f ooo5}
ff0842:0000 Invincible
note: you shouldn't press "A" button during gameplay.

shooter-inspector X
ff97f8:0004 bomb power {ff97f9 ooo4}
ff9724:000A final level {ff9725 oooA}
ff97F6:0006 super fire power {ff97f7 ooo6}
ff9802:0008 lives {ff9803 ooo8}

ffd10f:0002 invincible {ffd10e ooo2}

fff4da:0010 invincible {fff4DB oo10}
the code works better on cartridge.

ff0832:0003 LEVEL SELECT MENU !! press up or down {ff0833 ooo3}
ff0876:0006 invincible {ff0877 ooo6}
ff0872:0002 double fire power
ff0878:0005 rapide fire
ff0876:0001 Best pick

shooter- Sol Deace
ff9934:0001 LEVEL SELECT MENU at options screen {ff9935 ooo1}
ff9ff8:0010 invincible (do not turn code on until level begins)
preferably, turn code on while you are still blinkng.
ff9ffa:0010 weird,invisible

shooter-task force harrier
ff881f:0000 invincible {ff881E oooo}
ff8109:0009 lives {ff8108 ooo9}

thunderforce 3
000de4:6014 infinite lives, but they appear to count down
0041CE:6002 never lose weapons (action replay archive)
fff2A0:0006 stage 7 {fff2A1 ooo3}

shooter-thunder force 4
ff8002:0004 three different types of invincibility ! try 'em all!
ff800f:0003 wait until game begins, then switch on.
fff0B8:0005 my favorite level {fff0B9 ooo9}
fff338:0001 start with all weapons. simply press pause, then "UP".

ff0032:0022 stage 2
ff0032:0030/ 42/4e/5E/65 more levels
ff00c8:0000 INVINCIBLE

shooter-twin cobra
ffB292:0000 INVINCIBLE
(sprite is slightly currupt) {ffb293 oooo} or 1

shooter-vaper trail
ff000a:0003 energy {ff000B oo3}
ff00CA:0003 energy,player 2 {ff00CB ooo3}
ff0024:0255 Invincible {ff0025 ooFF}

shooter-whip rush
ffc001:0003 invincible, with super power up {ffc000 ooo3}
ffc001:0002 Higgins prefers this code. small power up.
ffc18B:0001 invincible, type 2 {ffC18A ooo1}
ffc18b:0002 blinks
ffd029:0005 infinite lives
ffC0E5 ooo3 {cartridge users only}

shooter ---WINGS OF WOR
ffc014:0010 invincible, not including backgrounds
ffc977:0001 invincible, including backgrounds
ffD6CC:0080 Lives {ffD6CD oo60}

skeleton Krew
ff8076:0008 lives {ff8077 ooo5}
ff806C:00ff ENERGY {ff806D oo1f}
passwords: BGWY, PSKJ

ffEF36:000B start at the final level {ffEf37 ooob}
ffEF36:0002 start in MY favorite level

slaughter sport
ff2894:0068 energy {ff2895 ooo6}

smash T.v.
ffA303:0003 INVINCIBLE {ffa342 ooo3}
ffA343:0003 invincible, player 2 {ffa342 ooo3}
ffA37A:0007 lives {ffa37b ooo8}
ffA3A8:0007 lives, player 2 {ffA3A9 ooo8}

ffA092:0010 invincible {ffA093 oo10}
fffD18:0040 energy {fffd19 oo40}

sol deace
ff9934:0001 LEVEL SELECT MENU at options screen {ff9935 ooo1}
ff9ff8:0010 invincible (do not turn code on until level begins)
preferably, turn code on while you are still blinkng.
ff9ffa:0010 weird,invisible

SONIC 3D BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ffc224:0001 INVINCIBLE {FFC255 ooo1}
ff0A57:0006 weird, ring advancement

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ffD030:00FF new invincibility ! I designed this code because
the AR pro code doesn't work well with GENS. {ffD031 ooo4}
fffe2c:0090 invincible. this code works especially well on cartridge
version of Genesis. {FFFE2D ooo1} {fffe2d ooee}
fffe2D:0099 take infinite hits. GENS users only. hey, try it!!
FFFE13:0009 lives {fffe12 ooo9}
fffe14:00ff BREATHE UNDERWATER F0REVER. WOW {fffe15 ooff}
ffffe2:1000 check this out.... hold down the "A" button at title,
press start. then press "B" anytime during game to
float anywhere {ffffe2 2ooo}

Sonic The Hedgehog 2
ffB02A:0002 invincible {ffb02b ooo2}
ffb070:00ff tails is also invincible ,,,oh brother
ffb029:00ff sonic can breathe underwater forever !! {ffb028 ooff}
fffe11:000c start in the casino zone
fffe11:000f start in my favorite zone, aquatic run.
fffe13:0008 lives {fffe12 ooo7}
FFFFFB:0001 check this out. hold "A" button at title, press start.
then press "B" anytime during game: float. {fffffa ooo1}
fffe20:0006 always have rings
CHECK THIS OUT....for sonic the hedgehog 2
FFFFD4:0003 + FFFF84:0017 + ffff8B:0002 LEVEL SELECT MENU !!!! requires all 3 codes !
simply go to options,(by pressing down, down at the player select menu.)
and when you're at the options menu,place the red mark over "sound test",
and press "B". a chime will sound, and you can now have The level select menu, when you
press "A" button just before entering the game. it's the standard sonic
method. you must, of course, hold down the "A" button while entering game.
{ffffd5 0003 + FFFF85 oo17 + FFFF8c ooo2}
(It's ALOT easier than my explanation makes it sound !!!!)

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3 ****************
ffB024:00ff tails the fox can fly forever {ffb025 ooff}
ffb02a:0002 invincible, type A. {ffb02b ooo2} code works best on cart.
ffb035:000f NEW INVINCIBILITY. since the other code doesn't convert
well to the Gens emulator.
ffb07F:00ff tails is invincible in a 2 player game.
fffe20:0006 always have rings {fffe21 ooo6}
FFB158:0008 SEE THE ENDING. simply press left, then right at the
file select. code works on 1st file only
ffff87:0002 LEVEL SELECT MENU (select any level if playing sonic
3 and 4, otherwise, select the 1st 6 zones) {ffff86 ooo2}
FFFFFB:0001 megafloat ANYWHERE!! (of course, you can lose your
checkpoint location if you wonder too far.)
note: sonic can freeze if this code is overused on the
carnival zone platforms.
ffb02a:002d sonic can ninja jump.
DOUBLE jumps. {ffb02b oo2d} note: GENS users must
turn code on, then off again.
FFB02D:00ff sonic can breathe underwater {ffb02c ooff}
fffe13:0002 lives

SONIC AND KNUCKLES **********************************
ffb02c:0002 invincible, type 1. {ffb02b ooo2} this code best for carts.
ffb035:0255 INVINCIBLE, works best on GENS.
fffe13:0009 lives {fffe12 ooo9}
fffe20:0006 always have rings ! {fffe21 0006}
ffff87:0002 LEVEL SELECT MENU {ffff86 ooo2}
note: all levels before mushroom hill are for sonic 3.
FFFFE2:1000 check this out !!! mega float !! hold down "A" button
at title, press start. then float anywhere with "B".

sonic spinball
ff579f:0009 lives

SPACE INVADERS 90 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ff04D2:000F final level {ff04d3 ooof}
ff04d4:0001 check this just l scene from each round.
ff05c0:0004 the invaders don't fire at you.
ff05c2:0004 *****INFINITE lives and continuations.*******
ff05c5:0000 or FF05c4:0004 glitched invincible. just 4 fun.
{ff05cb oooo invincible, bullets pass right through!!!
cartridge users only.}
ff05fe:0003 +
ff05f6:0020 start with laser. am I getting carried away ? ha ha

ff05f6:0020 I recommend, you use this code with all weapon codes.**
ff05fe:0006 shield {ff05ff ooo6}
ff05fe:0005 wipe out ALL enemies when you press "B" button.

spiderman (vs. the kingpin)
ffe690:003b infinite time'
ffE69F:00FF LEVEL ADVANCE. pause game, then simultaneously press
A-B-C buttons together. {ffe69e ooff}
ffe71c:0040 ENERGY
ffe6e6:0003 photos
ffe706:0096 infinite web.

spiderman (spiderman, spiderman, radioactive spiderman)
cartridge users only
ffd3cb oo40 energy
ffd787 ooo7 lives
ffd3a5 ooff invincible
ffd3ae ooo7 SLOW JUMPS note: for no appearent reason, the internet
has about 50 different versions of this game.
the jump code seems to be successful on GENS (ffD3AD:00e0) but all other
codes fail on Gens.

splatterhouse 2
ff00EA:0001 invincible {ff00eb ooo1}

splatterhouse 3
ff00b5:0009 lives
ff00b6:0003 always 3 seconds
ff00B2:0090 ENERGY {ff00b1 oo90 cartridge code, not tested yet}

sportstalk baseball (optimized for GENS)
Note: these codes do not work on the game wizard.
ffc40e:0001 motionless shortstop {ffc40e 0000}
ffc40e:0000 non-effective shortstop
ffc40f:0000 shortstop COMPLETELY non effective
fff034:0000 infinite strikes
fff048:0001 you ALWAYS bat, Innings DO increase.
note: you must choose fielder at options
fff04d:000f start game with a sizeable lead
fff04f:0008 9th inning {fff04e:0008}
fff2c5:001f start a 30 game season just 1 win from
world series. {fff2c4 001f}
fff1f0:0003 only 1 win is needed to be world
champions.. and it's a nice ending too.
season codes tested with new york Mets.

spot does hollywood
ffe609:0009 100% gain on first pick up. {ffe608 ooo9}
ffe2f0:0009 lives
ffE30A:00C0 ENERGY {ffe30b ooco}

ffc890:0008 bombs {ffc891 ooo8}
FFFC62:00FA ENERGY {fffc63 oofa}
FFFC78:0009 lives {fffc79 ooo8}

stimpys and stimpy
ff800c:0008 lives
ff800F:0022 ENERGY {ff800e oo22}

ff0024:0008 lives {ff0025 ooo9}
ff00a4:0002 infinite time {ff00a4 ooo2}
ff05DA:0004 level 5 {ff05DB ooo4}
ff0036:0001 mostly invincible

street fighter --championship edition
ff8042:0080 ENERGY {ff8043 ooB0}

street smart
ff907A:00ff invincible {ff907B ooff}

streets of rage 2
ffef80:0068 ENERGY {FFEF81 OO68}
FFEf82:0007 lives {ffef83 ooo3}
FFF080:0068 energy, player 2 {fff081 oo68} eights, no Bee's
fff082:0005 lives, player 2 {fff083 ooo5}

streets of rage
ffB832:0040 ENERGY {ffb833 oo40}
ffff21:0008 lives {ffff20 ooo8}

strider 2
ffC196:0002 invincible ,,,,except clock running out {ffc197 ooo2}
fff5DA:0009 lives {fff5DB ooo6}
FFF530:0050 time {FFF531 oo10} {fff5eb 0008}

fffc01:0009 lives {fffc00 ooo8}
fffC0B"0004 final level {fffc0a ooo4}
fffc4F:00FF don't die when energy runs out.
fffc4c:0003 invincible. slightly blinks {fffc4d ooo3,
does not blink on cartridge version}

Super hang on
ff0555:0050 time {ff0554 oo50}
ff064b:0002 motorcycle drives 800 MPH...wheeewww.
ff0656:0000 NEVER CRASH {ff0657 oooo}
ff064a:00ee always drive 276 mph {ff064b ooee}

Super High Impact
ff0179 ooee {avoid the rush, sorry, cartridge users only}
ff0162:0003 4th quarter {ff0163 ooo3}
ff018e:0001 1st down {ff018f ooo1}
ff0190:0000 weird, get 1st down, even if you lose yardage
ff0179 oooo weird, lots of fumbles
ff0191:0070 weird, computer can never get 1st down.
lst and long.... 1st and 115 yards to go.
ff01ec:0000 weird, computer always throws to the ground
ff0228:00ff SUPER KICKING ABILITY. KICK field goals from
65 yards out. {ff0229 ooff}

super Hydlide
ffe11b:0004 infinite health. note: do not use magic
ffe11c:0000 infinite health..... it counts down though.

SUPER MARIO BROS. (PIRATE, HACK) ************************
ff0044:0004 start on world 2-1
ff0044:0012 start in the chemical plant
ff254e:0009 lives Note; switch on/ then off again
ff256E:0008 lives for player 2
ff717b:0004 ENERGY FOR PLAYER 2
important note: these codes are ONLY compatible with GENS.
these codes do not work on sega genesis.
it's a fairly good game, too.

super monico GP 11
fffe54:0000 never crash !!!!!! {fffe55 oooo}
fffc2a:00c0 always drive 277 MPH
{ffff6c00ff- race with the hang on bike}
i haven't gotten around to convert this code to Gens.

super monico GP
ff9109:0001 drive VERY fast
ff9108:00f6 alwayas drive 240 MPH {ff9109 oof6}
ff9144:000f start on STAGE 16, choose world championship mode.{ff9145 ooof}
ff9142:0002 skip the preliminary races {ff9143 ooo2}
ff9239:0003 NEVER CRASH !!!!!!! {ff9238 ooo3}

super off-road
ff0cbc:0000 blue car does not move
ff0cbd:0000 yellow car does not move
ff0cbf:0000 silver car does not move

superman (from the game genie archives)
A62A-AAB4- start on stage 5
ABCA-A75Y Weird, sky jumps

Sword of sodan
ff0a7a:00ee invincible.
he blinks alittle. It's acceptable though.
{ff0A7b ooee-doesn't blink on cartridge version}


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(D to F)

(G to J)

(K-to O)


(T to-Z)

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Depart bedbugs towards the professionals. Even though there are lots of do-it-oneself strategies for other unwanted pests in your house, these bugs are best removed by professionals. The reason being they are really hearty insects that can make it through numerous conditions and are very best managed by fumigation. Fumigation assures that the two little bugs along with their ovum are wiped out. When you grow older the skin can becomes more vulnerable to the sun's harshness. Attempt to objective routines that limit your contact with sunlight. Wear a hat when wandering or gardening, and before you go out in the sun, treat your skin liberally having a high SPF sun screen lotion to stop UV harm. [url=]Outlet Mbt[/url]

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